Keeping it REAL

Students interact with challenges that address a real-world problem, creating a workable solution and presenting this to an authentic audience.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Goals: What are they striving for?

Goals are a simple thing but I believe they are a major part of success as a learner, in fact for many areas of achievement. Setting goals gives us something to aim for and a bar to reach for. In the same way, in order for students to be as productive as possible it is important that each student has set themselves a goal to achieve in a lesson. Because of this, I have begun to start lessons by having the Director of each group to negotiate with each member what their individual goals are for the lesson. At the end of the lesson the group is then given time to analyse whether each person has achieved their goals.

By doing this, it seems students have approached their tasks with a renewed focus and have a new sense of pride with what they have achieved in the lesson. Hopefully some of my students will also add their thoughts and comments on what they feel about the new lesson structure and the fact we begin by setting goals.